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INNOVATIVE FORMULATIONS is a leading professional custom manufacturer, that offering a wide variety of specialty blended high performance products, allowing professionals and consumers to clean, maintain and protect their assets. Our seven product divisions offer a wide variety of products for industries including transportation, food and beverage, equipment lubrication, water treatment, sanitation, mining and drilling, industrial and institutional applications, personal care products, intermediate chemical additives, etc. Our manufacturing facilities are EPA, FDA, GMP, CGMP, USDA, OMRI, REACH, and CGMP compliant.

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Our seven product divisions represent a broad spectrum of products lines that focus specifically on marketplace needs & designs for our US and International market places offerings. Our professional sales team is ready to help you with all of your product needs.

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INNOVATIVE FORMULATIONS has a solid presence and reputation throughout America and in the international marketplace, reaching across North America, and countries around the world. INNOVATIVE FORMULATIONS is a GMP manufacturer that is certified to manufacture FDA, USDA and EPA Products. INNOVATIVE FORMULATIONS produces a full line of personal care, sanitation, water treatment, synthetic & para-synthetic lubricants and maintenance products for working professionals.



INNOVATIVE FORMULATIONS represent seven major product divisions and brands that cover a wide range of products sold around the world. The Innovative Formulations product lines are used in a variety of industries. The Georgia Pride brand focuses on personal care products, while the Lubrix division is comprised of industrial synthetic and para-synthetic lubricants. Our Microxyme product line is comprised of patented bacteria formulations that are used in variety of industrial applications. Our Blue Planet brand consists of alternative ....



INNOVATIVE FORMULATIONS has a variety of product literature that is available to our customers. Our interactive catalogs are available for downloading so that you can read more about our vast line of products and expanding technologies. Please feel free to browse our library and should you require more information, please contact us and one of our INNOVATIVE FORMULATIONS representatives will be more than happy to follow up with you.

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OUR Response to Covid-19

The global pandemic has impact people around the world. We remain committed to doing our part. INNOVATIVE produces effective quality disinfectants and sanitizer to insure that your facilities are clean and sanitized. We also are a FDA approved facility that produces antibacterial hand soaps and instant hand sanitizers and during the pandemic has been instrumental in supporting our local community and churches by distributing hand sanitizers. As we all continue to combat the pandemic, we will work with our customers and communities to insure safe work spaces. If you need a Covid plan give us a call and we can help you with setting up the proper guidelines and PPE to maintain a safe work environment.

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Essential Drilling Systems is a division of Innovative Formulations that is a specialty manufacturer of additives and chemical products, used in concrete and downhole concrete applications Essential Drilling Systems offers a wide variety of specialty cement additives for the oil field and drilling industry. Our comprehensive line of products includes cement fluid-loss /retarder, dispersants, spacers, and extenders for the oil field industry.


Our shared purpose of creativity unites a extraordinary group of scientific and sales professionals. We foster a strong culture of shared experience across a wide range of industries. Our commitment to our customers is to find the answers to all of their industrial problems and concerns.

WE CAN ATTITUDE - Learn About Us

“We Can Do It Culture" - One of the most important threads in the fabric of energetic innovation is positive cooperativeness between and among team members. Because the pace of technology is constantly changing our team must to be able to adapt and change in order to create new emerging technologies.

Innovative is a registered vendor with Federal Government and is certified through the federal procurement SAM and GSA MAS to sell products to Federal, State and Military facilities.

GSA / Certified Governmental Vender

ISSA Member

ISSA is one of the most recognized certification providers in the professional cleaning industry. Since its founding in 1964, ISSA training has certified more than 300,000 individuals worldwide and furthered the education and development of cleaning and maintenance professionals, managers, supervisors, and executives. INNOVATIVE is a proud manufacturing member of ISSA.