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Blue Planet

Blue Planet

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Our AQUA GUARD divsion is our  specialty manufacture division that manufactures Green products  that related to environmental impact and Water Treatment Technologies. Founded in Newnan, Georgia, in 1963, our water treatment experts offer a wide range of expertise including waste water treatment, boiler & cooling tower treatment We offer a wide range of products and solutions including corrosion resistance, anti-scaling and compounds that reduce BODs', CODs & TSS's. in waste water applications.


BLUE     -  PLANET   Water Treatment Chemistry & Bio-Tech Products 

Essential Drilling Systems

Essential Drilling Systems is a division of Innovative Formulations that specializes in manufactured additives and chemical products, used in concreate and down hole concrete applications used in the mining, drilling and oil and gas industry.  Essential Drilling Systems offers a wide variety of speciality cement additives that improve concrete performance in extreme conditions. Our comprehensive line of products include cement fluid-loss /retarder, dispersants, spacers and extenders for the concrete industry.

EDS  Oil & Gas Exploration & Drilling Products