Creating High-Quality Products For Your Business 

Our AQUA GUARD divsion is our  specialty manufacture division that manufactures Green products  that related to environmental impact and Water Treatment Technologies. Founded in Newnan, Georgia, in 1963, our water treatment experts offer a wide range of expertise including waste water treatment, boiler & cooling tower treatment We offer a wide range of products and solutions including corrosion resistance, anti-scaling and compounds that reduce BODs', CODs & TSS's. in waste water applications.


BLUE     -  PLANET   Water Treatment Chemistry & Bio-Tech Products 

Essential Drilling Systems

Essential Drilling Systems is a division of Innovative Formulations that specializes in manufactured additives and chemical products, used in concreate and down hole concrete applications used in the mining, drilling and oil and gas industry.  Essential Drilling Systems offers a wide variety of speciality cement additives that improve concrete performance in extreme conditions. Our comprehensive line of products include cement fluid-loss /retarder, dispersants, spacers and extenders for the concrete industry.

EDS  Oil & Gas Exploration & Drilling Products

Microxyme Technologies

MICROXYME TECHNOLOGIES our product division that represents our global biosciences division. Our product line consists of uniquely ferment bacteria strains that were develop as safe and natural microbial products. Our diverse and highly skilled R&D teams come from highly successful, science backgrounds in several industries. Our technologies consists powder and liquid products manufactured with facultative, spore forming bacteria and enzymes that encompasses a wide span of industrial applications.

MICROXYME  Bacteria & Enzyme Technologies


Our LUBRIX division offers a wide variety of lubricants for a variety of industries including heavy equipment, industrial manufacturing, food processing, vinyl, plastic and rubber excursion, etc. Our LUBRIX product division offers products that include high performance greases, synthetic and para-synthetic oil, industrial grade aerosols and a wide range of speciality luricants. Our customer support programs, plant surveys, color coding and oil analysis provide a full service approach to meet all of our customers needs. Our support system insure that the proper products and applications are selected so that your equipment will run at peak performance.

LUBRIX Synthetic & Para-Synthetic Lubricants

CPC Products

Custom Processing Corporation is the division of Innovative Formulations that specializes in the manufacturing of intermediate additives used in finished products applications. our products are used in a variety of industries  including plastic and rubber excursion, textile, carpet, coatings and many other intermediates used in process manufacturing. Customer Processing offers a wide variety of speciality additives that are specifically tailored for their industrial application. Our comprehensive line of products provide our customers with intermediate additives that are specific for their finished manufacture products.

CPC   Industrial Manufacturing Intermediate Products & Additives

Innovative Formulations is a specialty manufacture of industrial maintenance and institutional cleaning and sanitizing products. Founded in Newnan, Georgia, in 1963, our family-owned and operated company continues to grow with industry-leading research and advanced product development our product line includes cleaners, degreasers, floor care and maintenance products, hand cleaners, vehicle and maintenance products, carpet care, etc. Our scientific team continue to work with our customers to create new creative products that meet environmental and regulator requirements. Many of our products are designed around how they will effect the environment. Innovative works with strategic partners like the EPA, FDA, NSF, and with the rainforest alliance to continue to create products that will leave little to no footprint on the environment.

Pine Jelly is on of our unique products that is a natural biodegradable concentrated pine oil cleaner. that can be used for a variety of applications. Pine Jelly is a thick concentrate and one scoop of Pine Jelly is concentrated enough to create a rich cleaning product that leave behind a clean and fresh aroma. 

INNOVATIVE   Industrial & Institutional-Cleaning & Sanitizing Products

Innovative Formulations is a EPA and FDA compliant facility. Our facility manufactures EPA, FDA and USDA compliant products. Innovative Formulations proudly offers a wide range of NSF and REACH certified products. Innovative Formulations also manufactures products that are GHS compliant, Organic Certified, Kosher Certified, Leads Certified. Innovative Formulations does not test any of its products on animals and is a non-cruelty to animals compliant laboratory.

Georgia Pride Products

The Georgia  Pride product division our original product and was founded in Newnan, Georgia, in 1963. This division manufactures personal care, skin and hair products and continues to grow with industry-leading research and advanced product development.

Innovative Formulations does not test any of its products on animals and is a non-cruelty to animals compliant laboratory.

GEORGIA PRIDE  Personal Care Hand, Hair & Skin Care Products