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Soap Tones Lotion Hand Soap is formulated as a mild, full-bodied white lotion soap with a slight green tint and a pleasant plumeria fragrance. This soap is concentrated - a single pump from the dispenser is sufficient to produce a thick, luxurious lather when worked into the hands. Soap Tones Lotion Soap provides effective cleaning while also conditioning the hands with moisturizers. The pleasant fragrance leaves hands pleasant-smelling as well as clean.

Soap Tones is the perfect product for workers whose hands are dried and chapped from working in tough climates and around solvents, cleaners, and other materials that affect skin dryness. 


SKU: 632835642834572
  • 1 Gallon of our Soap Tones Lotion Hand Soap


    • Conditions skin as it cleans
    • Essential for Schools, Cafeterias, Kitchens, Restaurants, Rest Rooms, Office Buildings, etc. 
    • High foaming mild hand soap 
    • Pleasant fresh fragrance
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